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JJI Exile Brothers, Chevstar Music.

Buddhist rock all the way from Tibet via India... the magnificent JJI Exile Brothers. Singing about life in exile following the Chinese occupation of Tibet, these songs are crafted jewels filled with emotion.

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Ashington rockers HED (Heavy Ear Damage) rock BIG time. Long live the guitar riff! Get your copy of their great Brit rock sound in the
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The Ancient Garden of Earth space rock logo.

The Age trademark: psychedelic punk guitar-strewn romps filled with social comment a la Chumbawumba

... Sex and drugs and rock n roll and laughs galore on the AGE psychedelic mushroom adventure space-rock punk trip!

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Sorry for nothing new brit rock picture

Sorry for Nothing come laden with stoner rock metal from the darkest northern fringe of ye newe England. Rock brethren, the first album is awesome and a new one cometh!

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Carl Cape folk music image

Northumbrian songwriter, Carl Cape teams up with the Electric Cape Band for homespun folk-blues from the heart.

Carl's songs and tales are inspired by his travels and by his native Northumberland.

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Be Quiet Shout Loud indie band image

Pour a pint of glam dust, in a speedy fashion over the heads of yon Kings of Leon, et voila: c'est le magnifique BQSL!

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Acousticat portsmouth acoustic rock band image

Sweet festival sounds of acoustic earth mother blues n folk pioneers Acousticat: chilled and mellow, like being at Glastonbury or Wickerman where they've delighted audiences past the witching hour.

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Alec Swailes Northumbrian folk artist picture

The Morpeth gadgie and Northumbrian raconteur and geordie song guru Alex Swailes joins Chevstar in wonderful old-time slab of northern folk songs with his brother Keith.

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Roguish stranger music group image

Sweet lo-fi sounds from singer-songwriter and beatlesque band. Safe as Houses is a collectors trove of classic garage, surf, psychedelia and fopness in one gorgeous album!

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Bushby Family Northumbrian folk artist picture

The Bushbys play and make their own Celtic Harps and guitars and whistles and play a reportoire of their own tunes and classic world folk songs Sweet, mellow, pure and uplifting folk music

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