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New musical gems from Northumberland!

H.E.D are standing by to launch a new album and we can't wait! Check out their first album on Chevstar Records: Super Heavy Users:

British folk-blues: Carl Cape's second album, Gaia, will be released in March 2014. The late and incredibly great astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, appears as a guest vocalist on Carl's track, Glittering Sky; the sleeves are now printed and Gaia is out in March.

Have a listen to 'uber-rock' from Sorry For Nothing; and English early-Floyd-style songs from Roguish Stranger; Tibetan rock from the JJI Exile Brothers, and new Northumbrian folk and British rock... in our artist pages.

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Psychedelic punks 'The Age' wah-wah pedal their way to space... come mushrooming with The Ancient Garden of Earth... step this way please.