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Alex and Keith Swailes made an album of popular geordie songs and Northumbrian music a-ways back and here it is rescued from the Mill Studio vaults! Includes the northern classics: Blaydon Races, Cushie Butterfield and The Lambton Worm.

The Tibetan JJI Brothers are banned from returning to their own country Tibet. The 3 brothers mix touches of Dave Gilmour's Pink Floyd and The Doors with traditional Tibetan sounds and 3-part harmonies. This heart-wrenching, inspiring album is filled with the passion, pathos and blues of a people longing to return home. A World Music classic and a truly revolutionary album.

Pure and gentle folk music featuring celtic harps, pipes and vocals from John and Caroline Bushby.

Blues, folk harmonica and guitar in a mix of mellow and rocking acoustic vibes from the Cape!

Wonderful ancient winter folk tunes and global carols from The Bushby Family

the Age star Rock, Alternative, Indie and Psychedelic Sounds

Big Loudness and the full-on wang-bang-clang from the meisters of heavy!

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! Disco dance romp in all its pomp and glory - come and shake your pop thang with the Middlesboro glitter clan.

H.E.D. rock out in deep blue stratospheric form on their second album

Pass me my shades and open another can? Blimey this is a very trippy album: touches of the B52s, Dr Who, mushrooms and the Cardiacs! Lock up your auras, it's The Age!

Psychedelic.. or is it garage.. or Ray Davies from the Kinks? Listen here: sumptious songwriting and arrangements from the incredible Steve Deegan and co.

Rock out with H.E.D. as they lay down a cracking debut hewn from the coal-strewn streets and the green fields of home, better known as t'north.

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